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Tech Dealing Guide (available to foreigners)

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A Fabulous Guide!

Technology dealing makes small nations (and saves large nations) tons of money. Technology is more expensive the more of it you have, so large countries with thousands of levels of tech can save their bacon by sending a tech seller (you!) money in exchange for tech. The standard deal is three million dollars for one hundred tech, which yields a profit of roughly $1.4 million for the tech seller. Not bad!


  • Get money. Receive $6,000,000 from interested buyer.
  • Buy tech. Purchase up to 10 level of technology immediately. You should never have more than 100 tech on your nation. Since tech prices increase with the more tech you have, you should try to never go past the 100 tech mark.
  • Wait ten days. Everyday that you log into your nation you should check your aid screen to see if any of your deals are ready for a shipment or renewal. Checking this regularly will help you remain on time.
  • Send tech. After ten days your aid slot with your buyer will expire. This means you are now able to send 50 tech back to your buyer. In the "aid reason" be sure to put "100/200" or something analogous to this. This will help us avoid any of those awkward disputes about how much tech is owed.
  • Buy more tech. Rebuy up to 100 tech immediately. Again, be careful to not go over 100 tech so as to not hurt your profit margin.
  • Wait ten days and then send again. After ten more days your slot with your buyer will again expire. You should again send 100 tech with "200/200" as part of the reason for the foreign aid. Your deal is now completed!
  • Renew your deal. After this aid offer expires you should get another offer from the same buyer. Buyers don't like to look for new sellers, so they will try to renew their deals when they have found responsible sellers. If the buyer forgets to do this, don't be afraid to send them a message and they will be happy to renew the deal.

Special Tips:

  • Stay on time! Buyers will get frustrated with sellers who ship late and they will probably take their business somewhere else if you become habitual. While one or two days late every now and then won't hurt you, do not make it a regular occurance.
  • Record who you owe tech to in your nation's bio. This makes it very easy to keep track of your tech shipments.
  • Manage your money! While it is rare, some foolish sellers have actually mismanaged their funds so much that they run out of cash and have to wait to complete a deal. Do not be that guy.

Updated 29OCT14 - Unkajo


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Why do nations buy and sell tech? What’s the point of tech dealing?
As a nation’s level of technology grows, it becomes absurdly expensive for them to buy more tech. Large nations have technology costs that can be millions of dollars for just one level!

Fortunately, you can send technology as aid in Kevin's shit game. This means that large nations can basically outsource the development of technology to smaller nations who may have little or no technology. It’s like when the United States buys technology products from China – and the best part is, both sides benefit! The buyer gets cheaper technology and the seller makes a nice profit!

How do I sell tech?
Every tech deal with Non Grata is a 6 million for 200 technology deal. This means that one of our buyers will send you 6 million in aid (nice!), then in ten days when the aid slot between you two clears you will send him 100 technology, then ten days after that you will send him 100 technology again.

Why all the waiting?
This is part of the mechanics of the game. You can only send aid between two nations every ten days, and you can only send 100 levels of technology at a time. So this takes some patience, but it pays off!

I got my 6 million from a buyer. Now what?
You should buy 100 tech immediately and keep it until you are ready to send. It is best to always keep 100 technology on you, as it will make your citizens happier and make your tax collections larger. It’s kind of like using the tech while you are waiting to send it off. The buyer won’t mind!

It’s also important to not buy more than 100 tech. Since the cost increases the more tech you have, stocking up on more than 50 tech will cut into your profit margins!

But I’m dealing to multiple nations at once. How do I send them all aid when I only have 50 tech?
Good question! Let’s say you have two buyers who you need to send tech to on the same day. A cool thing you can do is send them both an aid offer for 100 tech even if you only have fifty tech in your nation! So basically you have 200 tech going out in aid (100 for Buyer 1 and 100 for Buyer 2) but only 100 tech in your nation. Of course, when one of them accepts the offer you will need to rebuy so that the other buyer can accept his offer as well. However, even if it takes them days to accept (it shouldn’t, but sometimes real life happens!), your aid slot will expire ten days from the day you sent the aid offer. In other words, it won’t mess up the timing of your aid slots!